AXAGON is the original Czech brand created by RealQ company and is its current core project. The emergence of a brand-name project has been inspired by customer feedback and the experience of the creators, leading to the recognition that in the area of ​​computer accessory and multimedia, it is most appropriate to create a strong, comprehensive offer with uncompromising brand support due to a certain market fragmentation. At the end of 2005, after a long period of preparation, the first AXAGON branded products were sold.



What is AXAGON?

  • AXAGON is a brand of computer and mobile accessories.
  • AXAGON is an original Czech project created by a Czech company with Czech capital.
  • AXAGON benefits from the years of experience gained and the knowledge of its creators, who also consistently use feedback from customers and their considerable invention to fine-tune all areas of the project.
  • AXAGON focuses primarily on products from the field of computer and mobile accessories, components, peripherals, and multimedia. It aims to create an extremely compact and powerful offer of products covering these areas and offer optimal solutions to customers looking for any product in these areas.
  • AXAGON brings and will bring to market in a fast-track manner not only verified products with the most favorable price vs.quality ratio, performance and utility features, as well as the most up-to-date technology innovations and exciting innovative products as well as products with high degree of integration of features or products with highly functional and aesthetic design.
  • AXAGON takes care of the complexity of the assortment offered in the given category, ensuring precise pre-sales and after-sales support of products and, of course, also fulfilling all safety, technical, legal and environmental standards.
  • AXAGON is designed for the Czech market as well as for the markets of other European Union countries, which for customers means not only very favorable prices due to large series but also careful quality control of all products for the most demanding markets.

When did the AXAGON begin?

  • Sales of AXAGON brand products began at the end of 2005.
  • The final form of the project has matured in the creators' minds years before.

Who is AXAGON?

  • AXAGON is created by people with dozens of years of experience in various areas of computer technology who still enjoy the work.
  • The company RealQ s.r.o. and its people, for whom AXAGON is the current flagship project.
  • You can find contact information here.

Where to buy AXAGON?

  • If you are an end customer, you can find selected sellers divided by regions here. If your reseller does not match your location, you can ask your favorite computer vendor to purchase the product from one of our distributors.
  • If you are a computer vendor, AXAGON products are distributed to you on your market exclusively through authorized distributors. You can find contact information here.
  • The current product offer can be found on the AXAGON website –


We look forward to a common path to the future.